Under the chuppah dating

A glance through the text reveals a repeated theme: We are commanded on three separate occasions to be joyous on Sukkot.

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It is preceded by some days of serious thought, places us outside under a canopy, involves seven days of rejoicing, and culminates in the dancing of Simchat Torah. Might it resemble the description of a Jewish wedding?Why have it now, just when we are overloaded with holidays as it is?In the search for clues, it makes sense to keep an eye open for anything unusual in the Torah’s description of the holiday.The historical cycle of holidays begins with Passover, which was an experience of getting to know Ha Shem and then “going out” together in early courtship.The relationship proceeded over the ensuing weeks to get quite a bit more serious, with formal commitment to one another (engagement) on Shavuot.

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    Perhaps instead of thinking of Sukkot as a repeating historical event on the calendar, we should consider it a personal event that happens to come back each year.

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