Speed dating cronulla

To round things out, IBM’s Joe Cosentino and Rick Miller joined Inês to discuss how technology fits into the digital disruption on everybody’s mind.

False killer whales are predatory mammals, and are known hunt other smaller cetaceans, such as dolphins.

As only she can, Inês weaved these themes into a story about how agility is the key to sustaining a company’s life force.

And how does one go about achieving such nimbleness?

The hunt went down off the coast of Cronulla, a suburb of Sydney.

Kataoka spotted the whales chasing their prey while flying a drone with an camera attached, and he followed the hunt until a whale lunged from below and captured the shark in its jaws before dragging it down into the depths., says that the whales seen in the video are almost certainly false killer whales based on their size and coloration, although it is difficult to say for certain.

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