Sailor moon dating sim

Now I am working on Hikawa shrine shop (one screenshot is available at that will sell charms and amulets and Osa-P store that will sell some jewelries. Each new girl will require 200-300 new dialogues (and it's a minimum) so adding just five inner senshi will imply 1000-1500 new dialogues - a feat that my poor imagination is hardly able to My only hope that I find more volunteers after releasing Hotaru game.

I've been thinking about this, but it's hard for me to come up with lines for Hotaru because I can't identify with her.

[answer1 "incorrect"] Milk[answer2 "correct"] Coca-Cola[reaction to answer 1] I do not know why, but I do not like milk.[reaction to answer 2] Cool! ***So, if anyone will be willing to help with dialogues, please post here any additional questions about writing them.

If I write all dialogues entirely on myself, development of the game can take an indefinite amount of time.

Each separate answer will give only a tiny effect, so player won't be dumped because of milk only.

The general result will be calculated at the end of each date by summing up all answers and taking into account other factors.

Hmm she seems rather OOC in the second screenshot there, she comes of as a bit vain and push in it which is not like Hotaru at all.

The reason why it's a dating simulator and not any other genre of video game is because among many official and fan-made SM game there are no games belonging to this genre. )At this point the game features only Hotaru Tomoe.In order to do all of this I'm going to need some help.First of all, I'm in desperate need of someone who can take care of artwork since I'm not good at that at all...However, I'll be expanding on his ideas a bit to hopefully make my game even better.:3 The game is set in the 30th Century and the girl you're going for this time is a grown up Chibiusa (who now goes by Usagi.) However, since she is the princess she isn't the only one you have to impress if you eventually want to get married.

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