Rules dating korean guys did katherine heigl dating jason behr

Honestly, some men are only looking for one thing, and Korean men are no different. Does he listen to what you say and remember it later?

Since you can't use your normal clues about his level of commitment, you must find new ones. Here's a tip: Look at how he treats you (ok, this is going to sound weird) when he's drunk.

An unmarried man still living with his mom in his 30s is not a "loser," he's normal.

Learn as much as you can about proper Korean etiquette and definitely learn some of the language if you have not done so before if you don't want to end up dumped by parental disapproval.

If it gets serious, you must make nice with the family.

Korean parents hold a much stronger sway over their childrens' futures than is typical in Western cultures.

For example, he might not tell his family and friends about you for six months or even years, but it doesn't mean the same thing it would in your home country.

Koreans just aren't open about romantic relationships, even with family and close friends.

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