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"I believe her words were ' What do you need that headache for?'"Bay grew up in Los Angeles, the adopted son of an accountant and a child psychologist.Adds former Marine Mark "Oz" Geist, "Some people are like, ' Oh, Michael Bay, he does all the explosions.' Well, the real event had plenty of explosions.So it's not like he had to come up with any." And according to former Marine John "Tig" Tiegen, Bay had incentive to be accurate: "We told him we'd waterboard him if he got it wrong." Bay is going to get into all of it, with one caveat."Some of the things I tell you have to be off the record," he says. They didn't want to go out in public, to a restaurant, so I had them here." Bay says his house had to be swept for bombs, because "they didn't want me to blow up a million team." That aside, it was a lovely night."Because they have to do with the CIA, and how they do what they do. ") Bay heads out to his lush backyard, with a stunning view of Biscayne Bay. "Literally, every person said thank you," he marvels."But for people who don't know anything about [Benghazi], I guarantee they're gonna come out of it with a bunch of questions." For Bay, who has assiduously avoided any political stance deeper than anti-Decepticon and pro-midriff, it seems a surprisingly divisive topic to wade into.

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Hillary haters will probably be disappointed; neither she nor any other senior official is blamed, either by name or otherwise.

I'd rather a better director do it.' "(Says Stoff, "I think that's been twisted a little bit.")Bay's alleged cinematic sins have been well documented: the explosions, the hammy one-liners, the epileptic editing, the indifference to narrative logic, the explosions, the explosions. Much of it sounds like something right out of a Michael Bay movie: There's a weaselly desk-jockey boss, a family-man CIA contractor doing one last job.

By now, he has little interest in defending himself. At one point, one of the heroes climbs into an armor-plated SUV and can't find anywhere to put his coffee and grumbles, "Spend 0,000 on a damn Mercedes and there's no cup holder? " – which is almost literally a line from was awesome," says Kris "Tanto" Paronto, a former Army Ranger.

But the film does allege several institutional failures, from a lack of sufficient security resources on the ground to the military's failure to send assets (fighter jets, gunships) to help – despite official findings that none were available.

In making the movie, Bay had access to "way more than an investigative reporter. We are the strongest country in the world, and we could have acted better that night." The most contentious part of the movie will probably be the inclusion of a so-called "stand down" order on the ground.

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