Non drinking dating website

Having quite a few friends I’ve come to know over the years who were sober and a part of the GLBQT Community I came to realize there was a need for another sober dating site, a niche within a niche if you will, and that is how Sober Gay came to be.

It offers all of the same features and options of 12Step but the only difference is it is devoted strictly to sober singles in the GLBQT community and there is a real need for this type of sober dating site for this community.

Well, you go and find yourself a sober dating site devoted only to singles living a sober lifestyles and possibly also practicing the principles of a 12 Step Program.

After my first year floundering around on and similar generic online dating sites I decided there was a true need for a sober dating site devoted to those of us living a sober lifestyle or in a 12 Step Program.

Advance quite a few years later and having realized that my three previous sober dating websites are devoted mostly to sober singles living in and practicing the principles of 12 Step Programs, I came to realize that all singles living sober are not all members of 12 Step Programs but just choose to live a sober lifestyle, for whatever reason – whether it’s just to live a healthier lifestyle or they realize they have a drinking or drug problem and are able to stop on their own without the assistance of a 12 Step Program.

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Both sites are considered “niche” dating sites because they carve out a certain niche within the online dating community thus making it easier to find a sober match or soul-mate.

After due diligence of searching around I found none or rather none that were legit or functioning.

I initially created the ORIGINAL sober dating site,12Step (est.

cooking, reading, dancing, antiquing, exercise, etc. Also whether or not you are single, separated, divorced and whether you have children, how many and if you are interested in having children?

As well as many other advanced search features to narrow down your search even more. W., if you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous you can search for members only in AA, and the same with all the other 12 Step Programs.

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