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Monica feels bad about this, and even worse when Rachel asks the cute doctors who see her ankle Dr. Jeffrey Rosen, guest starring George Clooney and Noah Wyle respectively) on a double-date.The date goes horribly wrong, as Monica pushes Rachel over the edge with her bickering about the insurance fraud committed, which makes Rachel talk about Monica's flaws with unembarrassed ease.They spend a lot of time together at Gina's Los Angeles home and at Noah's place near Santa Barbara. On Thursday, a TV host and sports broadcaster detailed the alleged sexual assault she suffered at Senator Al Franken's hands back in 2006.Allegedly, Franken both groped and kissed the woman, named Leeann Tweeden, without her consent.Once there, he must face the reality that half the country thinks he’s our greatest patriot and the other half thinks he’s a traitor,” according to Deadline.

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It was just a tricky show to do."But Wyle is now appearing on has allowed him to focus on that show and his character Flynn a little more."I did one more episode in season two," he said.

Phoebe wears the dress and meets Joey at the coffee house, who mistakes her for Ursula.

Phoebe impersonates Ursula and "breaks up" with Joey, who gives her one last kiss.

See more » When Wozniak accidentally sets fire to his computer made from spare parts, just as the local newspaper arrives to cover the story, a brief shot of the newspaper article (Boy Laughs as Computer Burns) follows, part of the text states "Steve's freind Steve Jobs" - with 'friend' misspelled as 'freind'. (It airs in June -- premiere's on Sunday June 20.) It's the story of Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple Computers) and Bill Gates (Co-founder of Microsoft) and their competitive rivalry to dominate the computer industry. His best characters have always been misfits and geeks. Wyle plays Jobs as this power-hungry hippie gone awry. And Wyle makes the jump to full-length film effortlessly.

See more » : I don't want you to think of this as just a film - some process of converting electrons and magnetic impulses into shapes and figures and sounds. In Pirates, he captures everything that's both creepy and sympathetic about Bill Gates. Look for him on the big screen battling aliens any day now.

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