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A separate complaint against Olson said he answered a similar ad placed Wednesday, agreeing to pay to engage in oral sex with a person he thought was a 16-year-old girl.

When Olson knocked on the same door just after 6 p.m., police arrested him and found him with cash and alcohol.

Backpage and Craigslist are just two sites, and both have taken pretty aggressive steps to eliminate ads involving trafficking in children." The AIM report doesn't look specifically at the existence of trafficking ads, as opposed to general sex ads, but as anti-trafficking activists have told me, they see the two as inseparable.

Christina Sambor, coordinator for FUSE, a statewide anti-trafficking organization, talks Thursday, Aug.

Bryan Schultz, general manager of the Red River Valley Fair Association, of which Big Iron is a subsidiary, takes exception to any claim that such activities increase during the farm show."A lot of farmers come for the fair and the marathon, too," Schultz said.

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Invites to Big Iron attendees Several sex ads posted this week on spoke specifically to farm show attendees.Krabbenhoft said it did not specifically target Big Iron, but was done this week because of its large crowds."Any major event, anything that's going to draw people to the area," could attract potential buyers, she said. Krabbenhoft, who investigates crimes against children, said police had fewer responses to the online ad they placed this week than during a similar sting in March, likely because of a recent surge in ads.And while we all know the massive hit maker's obsession with red bottom Louboutins (she owns well over 90 pairs at this point, according to her stylist) and bright, larger-than-life Bronx-bred personality, did you know before she became uber famous, she also starred in Romantic Depot commercials?In the three different spots, one of which has a version currently running on local cable networks including New York 1, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's instantly recognizable voice is heard introducing herself. It's your wild friend Cardi B and I want to talk about the largest sex toy store in the history of New York City," the rapper says, while in another she playfully urges fans to head on over to "Romantic Depot, baby! "While we're not sure when these ads were actually shot (we reached out to Romantic Depot multiple times for comment but had not heard back at time of publication), it looks like the sex toy store hopped on the Cardi B bandwagon just in time, publishing to their You Tube page one in February 2017 and the others as recently as June and July. We're pretty sure they'll just make you love the genuine rapper all the more.

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