Liv sex cam mk

I also like the fact that I can’t change the lens – the fewer options the better, and the fixed 23mm f/2 lens on this thing is Fuji’s finest. It’s a solid all-rounder, and shot wide open offers that certain something that’s hard to pin down.

I love the natural vignette, and could quite happily shoot an entire wedding with just this lens.

I admit that I do go through the same torturous “wow look at that picture…

I need that lens/camera/gadget/photographer’s brain…” as every other gear loving photographer out there, but somehow I’ve managed to resist the temptation to turn my camera bag into an arsenal of unnecessary glass and electronics. I’ve handled a hell of a lot of camera bags in my time. There are many great looking, some might say hipster camera bags on the market, and several I’ve personally reviewed on this site.

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Yong Nuo 622 Triggers – just like Sex Panther, these bad boys work 60% of the time, every time!

I’ve bought and sold more camera gear than I care to admit, but have finally reached a set up that I’m happy with… Just to make things a little more interesting, I’ve decided to show you exactly how I pack for a destination wedding. The search for that elusive perfect camera bag is still on, but for the time being, I’m happy with the Think Tank Airport Take Off. As awesome as they look, you’re usually sacrificing functionality or weight for style.

As well as being rugged, on wheels and not offensive to look at, I also like the way the Take Off allows me to store all my gear at home in a relatively organised state. I’ve come to learn that most of the time, a boring-but-functional Think Tank product is best.

I love the image quality, in particular the tones which I find even better than my D750.

On the other hand, I hate it because the autofocus is utter crap.

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