Intimidating women family feud

Afia discovers that Yusef did start the blaze that burned Zainab in Pakistan; she demands he either tell Zainab the truth, or she will.Yusef confesses to Zainab, who is angry, but she eventually decides the future is what matters and marries him anyway.Tamwar starts seeing Afia Khan (Meryl Fernandes) and her father, Yusef (Ace Bhatti), turns up and shocks Zainab as he is her ex-husband whose family set her on fire.Tamwar is forbidden from seeing Afia but disobeys his parents and invites her to the opening of his parents' restaurant, Argee Bhajee.Problems emerge when money goes missing and Zainab suspects Masood, thinking he has done this before.Tamwar admits taking the money – lending it to his older brother, Syed.Wadia quit her role in 2012 and departed 8 February 2013.

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) invests £2000 and the company merges with Ian and Christian Clarke's (John Partridge) catering company, becoming "Masala Queen", with Zainab elected manager.

Zainab says she would rather die than go with Yusef to Pakistan; she considers jumping from the window, but instead hits Yusef in the groin and escapes while Masood retrieves Kamil from Yusef's relative.

The police are called, but Afia allows Yusef to escape.

Concerned that he is causing Zainab's problems and that she is in love with Yusef, Masood divorces her by saying the triple talaq.

Vulnerable, Zainab agrees to reunite with Yusef and accepts his marriage proposal; he continues to manipulate her, becoming violent towards her.

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