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“Habtho d’Heto” means “A Grain of Wheat” and is the name of one of Malfono’s most popular poems in the Western Assyrian dialect.The scarf features the first verse of the poem in both dialects and beautiful imagery hand-painted by renowned artist Ninos Chammo.

My whole idea is that I want to give people who don't know how to paint, who have never touched a brush before, to get over that idea that they aren't an artist, or they can't create anything,” Pryke told The Independent.The Alaska Highway, which has been dubbed as the Alaska-Canada Military Highway or “Alcan” begins at Mile 0 in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and leads in a northwesterly direction through the Yukon Territory to Mile 1,520 at Fairbanks, Alaska. Those looking to find their inner artist have a new resource to turn to with the recently established Georgian Bay Art Academy.“People say they can only do stick people, they talk themselves out of just going for it, so I give them a brush, I give them the paint, I show them what I'm doing, and they follow.” Everybody is creative.There's the therapeutic idea that using your imagination is good for us.

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