Dating in louth lincolnshire

The article outlines the process of deforestation of this huge (largely treeless) area into the fourteenth century.

A study of documents from the parishes of Wainfleet, Friskney, Bratoft and Firsby reveals interesting detail of work done to maintain and improve inland drainage.

Up to the late nineteenth century, many people believed that their lives were ruled by supernatural forces.

Their world was a mysterious place and there were those who preyed on it: the 'cunning folk'.

Copies of both current and back issues are available from The Postal Sales Manager, SLHA, Jews Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln, LN1 2LS (01522 521337) or by using the Order Form The Society's magazine has been published four times a year since 1990.

It contains a variety of interesting illustrated articles about the county's history and also reviews of recently published Lincolnshire books.

An account of the chequered career of a gifted scholar (born 1852) who trained to be an RC priest, later read history at Oxford and then embarked on an ill-fated literary career.

Later he held a post in Australia and then back in England, in his 40s, became an Anglican priest, serving Edenham and Grimsthorpe (home of the Dukes of Ancaster) until his death in 1921.

50p each (£1.50 by post UK; second and subsequent copies post free).

There is much added local flavour - the story of a gun kept under Galton's pillow; his friendship with Frederic Manning - to make this a very valuable and readable article.

William Thornton (1693-1728) inherited the Bloxholm estate in 1716 but was soon in serious financial difficulty and had to sell Bloxholm Hall in 1721.

The accidental discovery of a stone causeway which grounded a boat in the Trent near Littleborough in 1994 led to a detailed investigation of the diversion of Till Bridge Lane (Roman Road) around Littleborough on the west bank of the river and the existence of two crossing points in close proximity.

The writer looks back to his youth in the 1930s when, bit by bit, he came to understand the new technology of the telephone: the mystery of wires and insulators, and the essential role of the linesmen who scaled telegraph poles in all weathers.

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