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The State Records Office holds records that have been transferred from the Western Australian Police Service as well as predecessor and related agencies.

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The Police reports forwarded can be located amongst the general files of the Department of Indigenous Affairs and it's predecessor agencies, dating back as far as 1898 and the records of the Chief Protector of Aborigines.Details in a Charge Book can include name of accused, nature of charge and action taken.Further information on prisoners and criminals can be found in local police station and local courthouse records. Duty Books and Police Journals Duty Books and Police Journals were completed by the individual police officers at the local stations and give details of duties performed by the officer and the hours they are on duty.Registers Registers list information relating to police matters in various districts.Some examples of registers that may be included within police station records are Ticket of Leave Registers, Warrant Registers, Missing Friends and Special Inquiries Registers, Birth Registers, Register of Police Gaol Prisoners, and Licences and Property Registers.

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