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Most of the signatories are the usual ideologue suspects.Most or all associated with right-wing religious groups in some way, including Focus on the Family and C-Fam, and many have direct links to , a Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University.Professor George is considered one of the foremost conservative Christian scholars in the US and in 2009, on the heels of President Obama’s election, authored a conservative manifesto called the on abortion access at the state level, and yet the San Jose Articles are evidence that anti-abortion advocates like Professor George are already one step ahead and thinking globally.The implications of this are more insidious than reproductive rights supporters may realize. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Comprised of nine tenets that mimic global human rights agreement language, the articles are an attempt to dismantle safe abortion access, and undermine the authority of the United Nations and other governing bodies to ensure the health and rights of women worldwide.The articles were released in time with a on the “Right of Everyone to the Enjoyment of the Highest Attainable Standard of Physical and Mental Health” (isn’t that nice of him? In the report, Grover considers “the interaction between criminal laws and other legal restrictions relating to sexual and reproductive health.” He finds that, in particular, criminalization and legal restriction of abortion – worldwide – are detrimental to the rights, health, and happiness of individuals.In sum, The nine articles take aim at three key foci of power: science, the United Nations, and global reproductive rights groups.

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“This failure to confirm, combined with the refusal to provide unqualified speaker lists and schedules has led the campus to question whether Berkeley Patriot actually intends to, and/or is able to, carry out the proposed events,” Mogulof said.

And while the school has said it is committed to helping Berkeley Patriot bring its event to campus, Mogulof said Cal “cannot defend spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide security arrangements for events based on a press release and inconsistent schedules.” The school sets aside 0,000 every year in a “demonstration fund” but has blown through that already.

“The CFO is in the process of identifying funds to meet expenses that obviously go well beyond 0,000 this year,” Mogulof wrote in a separate email to this news organization.

Article 1 puts science on the chopping block: “As a matter of scientific fact a new human life begins at conception.” Articles 5 and 9 question the UN’s authority to monitor and govern: “No United Nations treaty can accurately be cited as establishing or recognizing a right to abortion…

UN agencies and officers, regional and national courts, and others should desist from implicit or explicit assertions of a right to abortion based upon international law.” The sum of nine articles are meant to etch away at important gains made by the global reproductive rights community, from liberalizing abortion laws in last week warning that the articles “could be used to confuse negotiations and public discourse on human rights, especially at the UN and in other international and national forums.” The group said that the articles were being launched in cities across the US and Europe, and copies were being sent to policymakers worldwide. Reproductive rights advocates have used established human rights frameworks – which include the right to health – skillfully and successfully over the past decades to establish precedence for access to safe and legal abortion.

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