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However with a Mommy or Daddy ALWAYS use the option for "Product or service".That option is protected by fraud protection and is the only option where you can get your money back should the AB parent be a scammer.These were just some of the naughty but fun little games we would play with I babysat him.He loved his feeding times the most though and getting held by his pretend mommy while he sucked on my tits and got rocked to sleep. While we are in my room doing home work your pee your panties still in your uniform.I look over to ask you a question and watch as you make a puddle...thank for email me back iam 1 year old ido have nappy and rubber pant i have bottle and a dummy i got them off the enter net as you can see iam a proper baby i have to do my nappy chaching my self...that little boys, and big boys who "play with their wee-wees" should be soundly spanked to punish them and discourage their "dirty, disgusting" habit.

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This boy I used to watch loved me being his ABDL babysitter.

hi there i hope you and baby is well i have not hear from you for a wild i hope you will get intouch as you can see im not vere good at reeding and writeing so i hope you can read it all rightwellmommyab2o i no you have a lot to do wen you baby to look after i bet it is hard...

hi there i hope you and baby is allright i hope you can read it hall right has i can not read or write verey well i hope you will e mail me back i am one year old my wife called me baby for the fist time yestday and it meard me feei goodmy wife will chanch me wen...

I would like to wear diapers but currently do not because of privacy/money issues.

I can be very shy or very bratty depending on how I feel...

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