Areas and iterations not updating

No matter the preparation, no matter the planning, without effective iteration execution, scaling is nearly impossible, and solution quality is compromised.During the iteration, each team collaborates to define, build, and test the Stories developed in the course of Iteration Planning.They track the iteration’s progress and improve the flow of value by using story and Kanban boards and Daily Stand-up (DSU) meetings.They deliver stories throughout the iteration and avoid ‘waterfalling’ the timebox.Scrum XP teams may also use explicit WIP limits on their storyboard.For example, in Figure 1 above, what would a developer do if there were no WIP limits and he or she finished story five above? But if a WIP limit of three is imposed on the in process and test stages, the developer would need to help test stories instead, and throughput would increase.

ARTs execute and deliver new functionality with the shortest sustainable lead time.

But to do that, they must create high-quality systems that promote a predictable development velocity.

SAFe prescribes a set of five quality and engineering practices that contribute to the built-in quality of even the most significant Solutions: Ensuring that quality is built in from the beginning makes delivering value quicker, easier, and less costly. This way, problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently and avoids building new functionality on top of work that is not fit for purpose.

They also increase focus and information sharing, while fostering collective ownership. This forces the demand (negotiated iteration goals and stories) to match capacity (e.g., the team’s velocity).

All SAFe teams should have a solid understanding of their WIP and flow. The iteration timebox also limits WIP by preventing uncontrolled expansion of work.

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