16 rules celestial dating

The art of thinking – making best out of waste – changing waste into best 15.

The art of social service and spiritual welfare – giving sustenance – sustenance 16.

Therefore if we follow the life history of Brahma Baba in our own lives, we can very soon attain sixteen celestial degrees. Art of Relaxation – If we live our life with the definite belief that the supreme soul is the real director and actor and we are only His instruments, we can always remain contented and relaxed even in illness.

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The art of speech – giving a speech – sweet talking 14.

Understanding the deep secret of drama and remaining happy in all situations- is the art of keeping healthy. Art of Teaching – The Adi Pita Brahrna Baba with his sweet actions, loving spiritual vision, positive attitude and behaviour used to teach the children the lesson of belongingness.

The essence of art of teaching is loveful behaviour.

The art of friendship – the art of making others one’s own – the art of winning the heart of others. The art of dealing with others – the art of divine behavior 3.

The art of reforming – the art of transformation 4.

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